4 Steps to becoming Eco-Friendly at Trimart Supermarket, Lekki!

Hurray!!! Trimart Supermarket, your quintessential neighbourhood store launched its Eco-Friendly initiative in-store.

At Trimart, our commitment to our community has moved us to initiate, as well as partner with neighbourhood associations, businesses and government agencies to drive CSR campaigns that have impacted on the environment and neighbourhood positively. Some of the recent campaigns were on fumigation, flood control, police post renovation, and street lighting. One interesting partnership worth mentioning is with LasGidis Recyclers, who specialize in recycling polythene and PET bottles and are in agreement with Trimart to evacuate all PET bottles and polythene waste generated at the store for recycling.

Trimart is a nucleated family-friendly shopping space that includes a grocery, pharmacy, salon and cosmetics, bakery, laundry, carpentry, cobbler, handyman, tailor and boutique stores; thereby, catering for almost all the essential needs of its neighbourhood in addition to providing a one-stop shopping experience for them. In order to increase customer satisfaction in the neighbourhood retail space, Trimart has operated a 24-hour, 7 days a week service from inception.  

Trimart’s Shop Smart® Eco-friendlyCampaign

Polythene shopping bags come in handy in a variety of ways both at home and in the office but are non-biodegradable. Over a thousand pieces of bags are used daily at Trimart! Non-biodegradable means substances would not break down for a very long time or forever and in a country where waste management is poor, most of these non-biodegradable bags end up on the streets and in the drains creating an environmental hazard. Recently, the management of Trimart launched an in-store campaign Shop Smart®, an eco-friendly endeavourto reduce polythene bag usage in its store. Shop Smart® combines short and long-term strategies to reduce polythene bag usage at Trimart hence helping the store become better eco-friendly ambassadors. This campaign of course required the buy in of both customers and staff of Trimart and necessitated an awareness campaign to ensure all were on board to make the campaign a success.   The company quickly introduced some short-term measures to help curb usage: discourage bagging of select items that required extra washing before eating or cooking; discourage bagging items that were already in cartons, wrapped or bundled together like soft drinks, juices, water packs etc.; encourage bulk buying by introducing attractive bulk-purchase discounts. The crux of Shop Smart® is the introduction of eco-friendly reusable bags. Eco-friendly bags are the best replacement for plastic bags as they provide many more advantages for the shopper as well as for the environment.

Eco-friendly bags are useful in many different ways: They are good personal bags you can use whenever you go to the grocery store; visit the laundry; take stuff to and fro the office; drop items off to be couriered; at home some people reuse them as dustbin bags. To increase adoption of the eco-friendly bag campaign, Trimart crafted Shop Smart® to work with an existing in-store Loyalty Programme and by offering additional loyalty points to anyone who buys and shops with the eco-friendly bag at Trimart and a lot of customers went for it! The manager of the store says: “I think what increased the acceptance of the campaign is that we encouraged people to shop with their own reusable bags which were not made of polythene and still get the same loyalty points”.  Most of the targeted customers already had enough points accrued in their loyalty accounts to purchase the Trimart eco-friendly bags outright and this made the expense more tolerable for customers. The truth is, we all know our neighbourhood, our world, and indeed our universe deserves to be treated better and  for Trimart, its desire is that all other supermarkets and retail businesses introduce eco-friendly bags as this seemingly inconsequential  pet project would no doubt impact all of us more than we can imagine.